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        LG Chem brings RE:SOBAN made of 100% recycled plastic content into our everyday life

        2023. 10. 17

        In November 2021, LG Chem released a documentary film, <Soban Again>. It was about a rebirth project of PCR ABS, a recycled plastic product, and its encounter with Korean traditional culture and artisans. LG Chem elaborated on this and introduced a new project. This time, furniture designer Ha Ji-hoon reinterpreted Soban, a Korean traditional furniture, bringing LG Chem’s recycled plastic into our everyday item. The prefix ‘RE’ embraces the meanings of ‘Reborn, Reuse, and Rethink.’ Listen to the story of Soban, brought to you by the <RE:SOBAN> campaign.

        LG Chem’s LETZero recycled plastic product turns into RE:SOBAN


        ‘LETZero’ is a combination of ‘Let’ + ‘zero(0).’ It signifies LG Chem’s will to make ‘zero harm to nature and zero net-increase of carbon emissions. It is LG Chem’s eco-friendly materials brand which ranges over recycled materials that reprocess waste plastics, bio materials based on renewable vegetable raw materials, and compostable materials made of corn-based glucose and waste glycerol, etc.

        RE:SOBAN is composed of LG Chem’s PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) plastic, which is a recycled plastic product made by collecting, crushing, and separating waste plastics used and discarded by end-consumers. LG Chem’s PCR embodies quality equivalent to virgin plastics.

        Soban again with furniture designer Ha Ji-hoon!


        The project title <RE:SOBAN> embraces the meanings of ‘Reborn, Recycle, Reinterpret, and Recreate.’ The rebirth of soban is itself a whole new reinterpretation of our tradition, and recreation of our everyday life and preference.

        In particular, RE:SOBAN is fully composed of LG Chem’s LETZero recycled plastic product. It is assembled by the knockdown method, without additional bolts, nuts, or adhesives, enabling easy recycling of the product after it’s been discarded.

        PCR Plastic in everyday life!

        Soban is a traditional furniture that comes from Koreans’ sedentary lifestyle. Unlike general tables, one soban is set for each person. With 100% recycled plastic content, RE:SOBAN reflects our hope to bring recycled plastic into our everyday life. You can check out the contemporary reinterpretation of soban and its harmony with people’s everyday life in the documentary and CF films.

        Soban is a perfect companion for your family. You can enjoy a game or snack on soban, and easily assemble and disassemble it on your camping trip or picnics. Wherever your life goes, RE:SOBAN will accompany you.

        Easy assembly and disassembly of RE:SOBAN

        Soban’s slab is designed with the shape of flower petals, and its legs take the form of a tiger’s legs. RE:SOBAN consists of 1 slab, 4 legs, and 2 footstools. Connect 2 legs to 1 footstool and turn counterclockwise. Insert the legs into the slab, and with the assemble as simple as that, your soban is ready for use! Easy to carry and assemble, soban can accompany you on your camping trips and picnics.

        The rebirth of RE:SOBAN through the collaboration of LG Chem and designer Ha Ji-hoon! By contemporarily reinterpreting the tradition, a brand-new furniture has been created with 100% recycled plastic. The RE:SOBAN campaign hopes to draw the public’s attention to recycled plastic, which will become more common in our daily life. Furthermore, we look forward to seeing the contribution of recycled plastics to our planet.

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