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        Replicating the pinkish-blue color of Han River sky! LG Chem Engineering Materials Company, Color Development Team | We are One Team

        FOCUS ON: Aerogel

        LETZero Encyclopedia: Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR – A synthetic rubber applied with bio raw materials

        Defending Euhib, a single vaccine for cerebral meningitis – We Hear from Our Customer’s Shoe

        FOCUS ON: Single-Crystal High-Nickel Cathode

        LG Chem CEO's Insights: Changes in the Chemical Industry in 2023 and Outlook for 2024

        LETZero Encyclopedia: Bio-PA - Engineering plastic made from plant-based raw materials!

        LG Chem’s infertility treatment: LG Chem supports couples until the cherished moment of new life comes.

        LETZero Encyclopedia: Bio-Circular Balanced Acrylates – Main raw material of acryl, fiber, and paint!

        LG Chem’s 2024 resolution! Break through challenges with an executive force!

        LG Chem Takes Leap as Top Cathode Supplier in the U.S.

        Blending eco-friendly materials into our daily lives, such as cosmetics! LG Chem develops eco-friendly materials and establishes a circular recycling model

        A throwback to 2023, as LG Chem accelerates transformation into a global science company, focusing on new growth engines!

        LG Chem - 2023 Year End Wrap Up

        Utilizing waste as a resource, LG Chem’s chemical recycling technology! Interview with the Recycle strategy team

        [Chem for Good EP.4] Virtual tour to eco-friendly house packed with sustainable delights! 🏡