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        FOCUS ON: CNT (Carbon Nanotube)

        LETZero Encyclopedia: OBP - Recycled material made up of marine waste

        What You Threw Away Has Been Reborn as a Bag! LG Chem X Nukak | Re∙Up Second Chance

        FOCUS ON: Separator

        LETZero Encyclopedia: PEC – Eco-friendly plastic made of carbon dioxide

        Nervous yet exciting, vlog of a 4-day business trip to Chinaplas 2024

        EuDi, Accompanying the A to Z of Child Short Stature Treatment! – We Hear from Our Customer’s Shoe

        A throwback to Chinaplas 2024 and NPE2024! LG Chem’s continuous efforts for sustainability

        LG Chem is committed to plastic recycling! Our efforts for resource circulation

        LETZero Encyclopedia: PCR PVC – Recycling the typical thermoplastic

        LETZero Encyclopedia: Bio-Circular Balanced SBS – Eco-friendly special resin holding properties of both plastic and rubber

        Replicating the pinkish-blue color of Han River sky! LG Chem Engineering Materials Company, Color Development Team | We are One Team

        FOCUS ON: Aerogel

        LETZero Encyclopedia: Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR – A synthetic rubber applied with bio raw materials

        Defending Euhib, a single vaccine for cerebral meningitis – We Hear from Our Customer’s Shoe

        FOCUS ON: Single-Crystal High-Nickel Cathode