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        LETZero Encyclopedia: Bio-Circular Balanced IPA – A bio-material that shines next to others

        2023. 08. 29

        LETZero Encyclopedia - Bio-Circular Balanced IPAWelcome to LETZero Encyclopedia, an introductory series to LG Chem’s eco-friendly brand LETZero and their products. Last episode gave you a brief about PLA, an eco-friendly plastic that gains a new life through mechanical recycling. Today we look at Bio-Circular Balanced IPA, which benefits our planet by replacing some parts of fossil fuels in traditional IPA with renewable plant-based raw materials. A bio-material that shines more when it meets others! Let’s dig into the features and applications of Bio-Circular Balanced IPA now!

        A material that shines more when it meets others, Bio-Circular Balanced IPA

        IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol)

        Before we discuss Bio-Circular Balanced materials, let’s learn about IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) first. IPA is a colorless, volatile liquid with chemical properties similar to Ethyl Alcohol. It can easily change into acetone by oxidation or dehydrogenation reactions. The distinct features of IPA include excellent solvent (liquid used to dissolve a chemical) properties, sterilization and cleansing, and high evaporative properties. As an effective solvent, IPA is widely adopted in all industries. In particular, IPA shines more when it is added to paints or cleaning agents than used independently. IPA in paints helps the dissolution of pigments and resins and adjusts the viscosity during coating.

        Features of LG Chem’s Bio-Circular Balanced IPA

        Features of LG Chem’s Bio-Circular Balanced IPA

        Then what is Bio-Circular Balanced IPA? Bio-Circular Balanced IPA is an eco-friendly IPA which replaces certain parts of fossil fuels used in traditional IPA with renewable bio raw materials. LG Chem blends renewable bio raw materials such as waste glycerol and plant by-products with fossil fuels to effectively cut down the carbon generated during IPA’s production process. As an outcome, LG Chem’s Bio-Circular Balanced IPA obtained ISCC PLUS certification in July 2021. ISCC PLUS refers to an international certification which verifies that eco-friendly raw materials have been used throughout the production process, based on EU’s Renewable Energy Directive.

        Having received a global certification for the use of eco-friendly raw materials, LG Chem’s Bio-Circular Balanced materials offer both sustainability and high quality. It is a known fact that LG Chem is the only Korean IPA producer to create both acetone and propylene-based IPA. Both acetone and propylene-based IPA can be made as Bio-Circular Balanced products. Taking further, LG Chem also produces high purity Bio-Circular Balanced IPA.

        Products based on Bio-Circular Balanced IPA

        Applications of BCB IPA

        Bio-Circular Balanced IPA can replace traditional IPA in all places. Most commonly, IPA is used as a solvent for varnishes such as paints and inks. It also goes into hand sanitizers that help you maintain your hygiene. Furthermore, Bio-Circular Balanced IPA is used as a raw material for reagents in the pharmaceutical sector.

        On the other hand, high purity Bio-Circular Balanced IPA is playing a vital role as a cleaning agent for electronic materials such as semiconductors and LCDs. Cleaning is an important stage of processing which determines the quality of semiconductors. High purity Bio-Circular Balanced IPA is used after wafers have been cleaned to dry them without leaving stains on the semiconductors.

        From industrial paints to raw material of reagents and cleaning agent for electronic materials, Bio-Circular Balanced IPA hasof applications. Not only that, but it also enhances the quality and function of a product, displaying wonderful chemistry with various materials.

        Today’s LETZero Encyclopedia scoped on the features and applications of Bio-Circular Balanced IPA. Next time, we’ll come back with the story of PCR PE.

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