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        LETZero Encyclopedia: Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR – A synthetic rubber applied with bio raw materials

        2024. 03. 15

        Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR

        Welcome to LETZero Encyclopedia, an introductory series to LG Chem’s eco-friendly brand LETZero and its products. Our latest episode addressed Bio-PA, an engineering plastic made of renewable raw materials. Today, we focus on Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR, a synthetic rubber made with renewable raw materials, and its applications.

        Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR applied with renewable raw materials

        SSBR (Solution Styrene Butadiene Rubber)

        Today, let’s look at SSBR (Solution Styrene Butadiene Rubber). SSBR is a high-functional synthetic rubber made through solution polymerization using lithium (Li) as a catalyst. It is a copolymer of styrene and 1, 3-butadiene produced via an anionic polymerization in a solution process. SSBR possesses characteristics that make it apt for eco-friendly/high-functional tires. It has excellent mechanical physical properties including tensile strength and elongation, as well as viscoelasticity which contributes to the brake performance and fuel efficiency when applied to tires. Furthermore, it boasts outstanding wear-resistance, minimizing the abrasion loss while driving.

        Characteristics of LG Chem’s Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR

        Then, what is Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR? The term Bio-Circular Balanced is given to eco-friendly bio materials developed through LG Chem’s biomass balance technology. Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR is an eco-friendly bio material that replaces the fossil fuels used in traditional SSBR partly with plant-based raw materials such as waste cooking oil and plant byproducts. By minimizing the use of fossil fuels and utilizing plant-based oils, it creates a carbon reduction effect. Also, it is produced at eco-friendly plants using hydroelectric and solar powers, lessening burden on the environment.

        LG Chem’s Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR has acquired the ISCC PLUS certificate, verifying the product’s performance, as well as sustainability. ISCC PLUS is an international certification authority that proves a product’s eco-friendliness across its production process, based on the Renewable Energy Directive suggested by the European Union (EU).

        Application of Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR

        Products made with Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR

        Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR is widely used in tires, industrial rubber, cables, and shoes. In particular, it exhibits its true qualities when it comes to eco-friendly, high-functional tires. Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR is an eco-friendly material that minimizes fuel consumption and reduces the release of carbon dioxide. As tires have direct effect on the fuel efficiency of a vehicle, choosing an eco-friendly tire made of Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR can improve the fuel efficiency of your car.

        LG Chem’s Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR is not only characterized as eco-friendliness, but also improved silica-affinity. Silica is one of the 6 raw materials that make up a tire, which creates a cushion between rubber particles to prevent the tire from being deformed. Since silica is incompatible with rubber, the technology to disperse silica evenly within the rubber is essential. LG Chem produces eco-friendly, high-functional SSBR with improved silica-affinity, raising the coherence between rubber materials.

        With increasing demand for eco-friendly/high-functional tires, the demand for SSBR is also expected to grow. According to Future Market Insights, a global market research institution, the global green tire market is poised grow at an average of 9.8% per year and surpass USD 85.8 billion by 2033. Please look forward to LG Chem’s Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR, as it shines its product power in the eco-friendly/high-functional tire market.


        So far, we took a look at Bio-Circular Balanced SSBR. The next LETZero Encyclopedia will come back with the story of Bio-Circular Balanced SBS.

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