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        CS Center opened in Europe! Reinforcing global customer close-up service

        2023. 10. 12

        Have you heard of Global Customer Solution (CS) Center? CS center refers to an organization which specializes in customer support, providing a comprehensive technical solution to LG Chem’s customers and partners on product development, quality improvement, and productivity improvement, etc. LG Chem has established CS centers around the globe in order to offer a closer customer-tailored service. Learn about LG Chem’s Global CS Center and the role it plays in the company.

        What is LG Chem’s Global CS Center?

        Provide comprehensive technical solution

        LG Chem’s CS Center is a specialized organization which provides a comprehensive technical solution to customers and partners on product development, quality improvement, productivity improvement, etc.

        In 1995, LG Chem established their first CS Center within Korea’s Daejeon Technology Research Center. With the know-how for customer technical support accumulated for over 27 years, LG Chem moved their CS Center to Osan, Gyeonggi Province, Korea, in 2019, which actively operates until today. Osan CS Center is responsible for listening to customers’ pain points, making improvements to raise the credibility, and providing technical support to customers. Besides that, CS Center can also recommend products and recipes that suit customers’ needs. Plus, they support customers with quality analysis, process optimization, and new product development, etc. to improve the overall completeness and productivity of customers’ products.

        In 2015, LG Chem established Huanan CS Center in Guangzhou, Guangdong Sheng, and Huadong CS Center in Wuxi, Jiangsu Sheng to extend their customer support service across the Chinese region. In particular, Wuxi boasts an excellent environment that has been selected as China’s Top 10 Economically-vital cities. Many global companies are situated in the city, which makes it just the right location for LG Chem’s CS Center to place in. Now, LG Chem CS Center is playing a key role in the Chinese market.

        Opened European CS Center in Frankfurt, Germany,
        known for convenient transportation and customer adjacency

        European CS Center opened in September, 2023

        In September 2023, LG Chem opened a European CS Center in Frankfurt, Germany. Beginning its construction in September 2021 with investment of KRW 50 billion won, the European CS Center has three ground floors and the size of approximately 7,400㎡. It holds state-of-the-art facilities such as extrusion and injection devices that can support customers’ production. Along with automotive materials, the main customer in the European market, LG Chem plans to secure processing technologies for eco-friendly materials such as recycled plastic, and staff with professionals to provide technical support to their customers.

        Since LG Chem made their entry in 2005, the European market has increased its sales by over 100 times as of last year, stepping up as the main market. With the opening of European CS Center, LG Chem plans to set a customer response base in Frankfurt to provide on-site technical solutions and raise their position in the European market.

        A quadrilateral customer service system
        that connects Korea, China, Europe, and America

        Reinforce on-site customer response

        Currently, Osan CS Center takes care of technical support centered on domestic and global customers, and is focusing on developing future processing technologies. Huanan and Huadong CS Centers are striving to improve the technology of Chinese customers, revitalize the Chinese economy, recruit excellent talents, and encourage mutual growth between the company and the region. Frankfurt Center boasts an excellent environment as the hub-city of Middle Europe, proven by its convenient transportation and customer adjacency. With LG Chem’s European Sales office located in the same city, the company is expecting a synergy effect in customer support that the newly-established European CS Center will bring about.

        The U.S. CS Center scheduled to open in the state of Ohio is expected to offer convenience in logistics and transportation. Its location is close to LG Chem’s major customers of ABS used in automotive components and materials for building ∙ decorating. LG Chem hopes to raise their position in the North-American market and reinforce their on-site customer response.

        With the opening of European CS Center, LG Chem is looking forward to establishing a customer support system that connects Korea (Osan), China (Huanan, Huadong), and Europe (Germany). Furthermore, U.S. CS Center in Ohio is due for establishment by 2023, which will complete LG Chem’s close-up customer support network across the globe. LG Chem will not stop at entering the global market, but expand their customer-tailored technical support for global customers. Stay with LG Chem as they take one step further!

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