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        Throwback to LG Chem’s Eco-friendly ABS Webinar in videos

        2023. 09. 22

        To inform our customers about the eco-friendly properties and production of ABS, LG Chem’s Petrochemicals Company held a webinar in late March 2023. Today, we look back on each session with videos.

        LG Chem Eco-friendly ABS Webinar

        Keynote. LG Chem’s Eco-friendly ABS Webinar

        The keynote speech was delivered by Kim Sang-min, Head of LG Chem’s ABS Business Unit. He briefly introduced the main points of LG Chem’s eco-friendly strategies and ABS products, which provide value to customers with a variety of eco-friendly materials and expand the range of customer choices. Take a look at LG Chem as a global leader in the ABS market, driving sales of KRW 5.67 trillion in 2022.

        SESSION1. LG Chem Petrochemical HQ’s sustainability strategy and product portfolio

        The first session was delivered by Kim Young, Team Leader of the Circular.Recycle Strategy Team from the Sustainability Business Unit. He outlined LG Chem’s sustainability goals & strategies and briefly introduced the eco-friendly products of LG Chem Petrochemicals Company.

        SESSION2. Introduction of LG Chem’s Eco-friendly ABS

        In the second session, Kim Chang-Sul, Team Leader of the Eco-friendly Business Development Team from the ABS Business unit, continued to speak on the topic of LG Chem’s eco-friendly ABS.

        SESSION3. Q&A

        The last part of the webinar was a Q&A session delivered by Kim Chang-Sul to fulfill your curiosity about LG Chem’s eco-friendly ABS products. Figure out all the information you need regarding ABS products!

        Including LG Chem’s eco-friendly ABS Webinar, we put much effort into getting closer to our customers and giving them full satisfaction through eco-friendly products. If you have more curiosity about ABS products, visit LG Chem On, our comprehensive online sales platform and leave inquiries. LG Chem, the number one leader in the global ABS market, keeps moving forward to create sustainable value with our customers.

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