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        A throwback to Chinaplas 2024 and NPE2024! LG Chem’s continuous efforts for sustainability

        2024. 05. 31

        From April 23rd to 26th 2024, LG Chem visited Shanghai, China to take part in ‘Chinaplas 2024,’ Asia’s largest global plastic and rubber exhibition. Occupying all 15 exhibition halls at National Exhibition Convention Center (NECC) in Hongqiao, Shanghai, this year’s Chinaplas recorded over 380,000m2 in exhibition size, welcoming more than 4,000 leading plastic and rubber producers from around the world including LG Chem. The event gained unprecedented attention from the public, and the number of visitors was totaled at 322,000.

        Meanwhile in Florida, ‘NPE2024: The Plastic Show’ was held from 6th to 10th of May. NPE (National Plastics Exposition) is considered world’s Top 3 plastic exhibitions, along with Chinaplas. Same as in China, LG Chem met a large number of customers in the United States and introduced their diverse eco-friendly products. Check out how LG Chem played in the two largest plastic exhibitions, Chinaplas and NPE, in China and the United States.

        See Chinaplas 2024

        LG Chem booth at Chinaplas 2024

        The major keywords of Chinaplas 2024 were ‘Circular Economy & Sustainability,’ ‘Digitalization,’ ‘Innovative Materials,’ etc. In line with these topics, LG Chem arranged a booth with various themes, introducing their automotive, home appliances, and core materials. Occupying the largest exhibition size among Korean companies (400m2), LG Chem divided the booth into three separate zones: LETZero* Zone, Mobility Zone, and Living Zone, displaying their eco-friendly and high-value-added strategic products.
        *LETZero: A compound word of ‘Let’ and ‘Zero (0),’ meaning ‘Zero harm to nature, Zero net-increase of carbon emissions.’ As LG Chem’s leading ‘global eco-friendly material’ brand, LETZero symbolizes innovative and sustainable solutions.

        LETZero Zone

        At the center of the booth was installed the ‘LETZero Zone,’ where visitors could experience diverse items, from Bio-based products based on vegetable raw materials, such as Bio-PA and PLA, to Bio-Circular Balanced SAP diapers made with Renewable Feedstock extracted from waste cooking oil.

        Not only bio products, but LG Chem also displayed their food packaging materials (produce bags, food wraps) and agricultural mulch films** made of COMPOSTFUL™, the company’s compostable material that is scheduled to start official mass-production in May. In particular, the booth was arranged so that visitors could come and grab a piece of produce bag with them. By offering the visitors with a hands-on experience of the company’s products, LG Chem succeeded in gaining much attention from the public.
        ** Mulch film: A film used to cover the surface of the soil while cultivating plants. It is one of the important measures of managing soil.

        Mobility Zone and Living Zone

        Displayed at the Mobility Zone were ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) used in automotive interior/exterior, BR (Butadiene Rubber) and SSBR (Solution Styrene Butadiene Rubber) applied to tires, CNT (Carbon Nanotube) with world’s best quality based on LG Chem’s proprietary technology, EV battery packs and charging station applied with Engineering Plastics (EP), etc. Also drawing attention were touch pads and transparent OLED monitors that allowed the visitors to check out detailed information of the products exhibited within the zone.

        Finally, the Living Zone displayed materials that are widely used in daily-use home appliances such as ABS, POE (Polyolefin Elastomer), a plastic made from carbon dioxide, so-called PEC (Polyethylene Carbonate), and 3HP (3-Hydroxypropionic acid) obtained through an eco-friendly fermentation processing. The exhibition included various products that actually utilize these materials, including water purifiers, furniture sheets, solar panels, and so on.

        Besides the exhibition zones, ‘LETZero Café’ provided beverages to those who visited the booth. For a smooth communication, a meeting lounge and 9 meeting rooms were installed in the 1st and 2nd floors of the booth.

        See NPE 2024

        LG Chem booth at NPE 2024

        Same as in Chinaplas, LG Chem arranged a 334m2 wide (the largest scale among Korean companies) booth in America, which was again divided into three main sections. In order to promote eco-friendly, high-value-added strategical products to the American market, over 40% of the products displayed at LG Chem booth consisted of eco-friendly items, and the booth included a lounge and 6 meeting rooms for the convenience of the visitors.

        LETZero Zone and Living Zone

        Other than compostable and bio materials, the LETZero Zone featured a special exhibition of Circular Pyrolysis Oil made through LG Chem’s ‘Supercritical pyrolysis technology,’ which switches waste plastics back to the initial raw material stage. Included in the display were Circular Balanced PE/PP, ABS, and PVC pellets based on the oil, which attracted the eyes of many customers.

        While the world is making collective efforts for a better environment and sustainable future, LG Chem could see with their own eyes the rising demand for recycled and eco-friendly materials by participating in two exhibitions, Chinaplas and NPE 2024. Please keep your support for LG Chem as they carry on their steps as a global chemical leader.

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