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        LG Chem introduces eco-friendly products and technology at K-show, world’s largest plastic exhibition

        2023. 07. 14

        In October 2022, Germany successfully hosted K Show, the world’s largest plastic and rubber exhibition. It was the first exhibition in 3 years, held from 19th to 26th October in Dusseldorf, Germany. For visitors, this was a chance to see through the trend of the petrochemicals industry at one glance. Along with America’s NPE (National Plastics Exposition) and China’s Chinaplas, K Show is considered one of the Top 3 global plastic exhibitions, catching the public’s eye with its grand scale. Celebrating the 70th anniversary, Germany’s 2022 K Show welcomed the participation of more than 3,000 global chemical companies from 60 nations. The main subjects addressed at 2022 K Show were Circular Economy · Digitisation · Climate Protection. Taking part in the event, LG Chem presented their next-generation eco-friendly products and technologies with the slogan ‘Sustainability with LG Chem.’ Check out LG Chem’s next-generation eco-friendly technologies brought to you directly from Germany’s 2022 K Show!

        For sustainable lifeㆍsocietyㆍfuture!
        LG Chem develops sustainable products and technologies

        LG Chem's four zones; Sustainable Life Zone, Sustainable Society Zone, Sustainable Future Zone, DX Zone

        At the 2022 K Show, LG Chem arranged their exhibition booth with three core themes: Sustainable LifeㆍSocietyㆍFuture. Each theme depicted the proceeding of our daily life and society towards a sustainable future through LG Chem’s products applied with next-generation technologies. Sustainable Life Zone, for example, presented products based on LG Chem’s raw materials, such as PVC for windows and ABS for homes that could realize the humanity’s sustainable life. Moving onto the next theme, Sustainable Society Zone exhibited LG Chem products used in diverse industrial sectors. Visitors could meet LG Chem’s anchor products including the POE (Polyolefin Elastomer) for solar panels that is undergoing explosive growth and CNT (Carbon Nanotube) which boasts world-class quality based on the company’s proprietary technology. You could check out the final theme at the Sustainable Future Zone, where all the eye-catching, eco-friendly technologies were gathered. This included LG Chem’s next-generation materials whose developments are underway, such as PLA (Poly Lactic Acid), a plastic made of 100% bio raw material, PBAT (Poly Butylene Adipate-co-Terephthalate) which decomposes at landfill naturally within 6 months, and PCR (Post Consumer Recycle) products which recycle secondhand goods discarded by the end-consumers.

        A unique chance offered to visitors who came to 2022 K Show was the <LG Chem ON Experience Zone>, which exhibited LG Chem’s digital comprehensive purchase platform. From product inquiries to orders and shipments, customers are given maximal convenience by checking the whole process of their purchase at LG Chem ON, just as in online shopping malls. LG Chem plans to keep up their efforts to strengthen the real-time communication with global customers.

        LG Chem leads the global market with next-generation materials
        and eco-friendly products!

        LG Chem's sustainable products and technologies

        In line with the global market trend, LG Chem intends to expand their eco-friendly portfolio and become the leader in the eco-friendly materials sector. So far, the company has secured more than 50 products certified by the ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification), proving their strength in developing eco-friendly materials. In August 2021, LG Chem celebrated their first mass-production and export of ‘Bio-Circular Balanced SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer),’ which was only a beginning. Since then, the company has continued sustainable collaborations with different companies. Furthermore, LG Chem is planning to operate their 4th CNT plant from 2024, to mass-produce CNT known for its diverse applications, such as conductive materials in EV batteries, automotive electrostatic paintings, automotive exterior materials, etc. Through such efforts, LG Chem is targeting at the expanding global market of next-generation materials in earnest.


        LG Chem’s sustainable materials and technology introduced at K Show, world’s largest plastic and rubber exhibition! You can now meet the same products worldwide. LG Chem is taking successive steps through eco-friendly materials and next-generation technologies in order to bring 2050 Net-zero mission to life! Support LG Chem’s advancement towards a sustainable future!

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